Why are you not squirting and why its fine

Are you squirting or not? Chill, it is fine!

Squirting, you must be quite aware of the word. The sexual phenomenon is responsible for causing a great amount of confusion in the minds of humanity discovering the lickerish lovemaking.

On one hand, where several studies have pointed out to the mechanism of squirting, porn industry did destroy it by putting a false assumption in one’s mind that it can happen to everyone.

Let’s talk about the sexual phenomenon and gather some information about the fuss happening to not too many women.

It is definitely real but not Porn real
Some people think that squirting is a myth but it’s not. It is 100% real and what is not real is that it happens to everyone (Courtesy of the porn world where achieving every orgasm is as easy as eating a cookie). It’s not easy or difficult or impossible but the settings and preferences may different for women. So, don’t believe everything you see in the world of porn, because they are just acting with the context of mating.

Women don’t have control over it…
Squirting is a controversial phenomenon and not everyone is lucky to throw from below at the stage of external layers. The ugly truth is, that regular ejaculation involving squirting isn’t universal. And the percentage of women experiencing them is quite uncertain.

Chances are that you may end up stimulating the G-spot, clitoris, and bladder at the same time, but you would still end up not squirting.

You Don’t Necessarily Need an Orgasm to Squirt
You don’t require orgasm or the feeling of one to reach the charms of squirting. It can happen via voluntary or an involuntary stimulation at any moment and context of any particular activity.
Every Woman is different!

Yes, every female is different. They might have different sexual preferences, liking, and also the G-spot location. The G-spot has become controversial too and if we go through different studies, we will find that squirting is mostly responsible due to G-spot stimulation.

The thing is vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, so the location, size, and sensitivity of G-spot also vary with respect to every woman. So, even if you go through magical instructions, you may make one woman cross all limits of seductive pleasures and you may end up hurting the other.

“Good luck finding the pleasure spots.”

Who’s the main protagonist?
Have you ever heard about the Skene’s gland? The gland is located on the back wall of the vagina, which is located near the lower end of the urethra. It is located near the G-spot or may as well be the part of it which holds the mechanism is making women squirt.

So, if you’re squirting or not, it is totally fine because the main point here is to enjoy the charms of sexual acts and their orgasms.

“The squirting is a controversial orgasm and you don’t have to rely on it to enjoy good sex.”

One Last thing – There has been a long debate and there have been several studies stating that it’s not pee (Due to the presence of prostatic secretions) and in some studies, it was found out that it’s basically is pee (Due to the presence of uric acid). I hope we will be enlightened soon.

Until then, you can think about it or don’t…

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