Why men are so obsessed with morning sex??

So, you woke up this morning, took a bath, had breakfast and went straight to the office. Does nothing look unusual? Well, you forgot to do your exercises and not those normal ones but the most necessary one. The one that involves too much of Yes! YES!! YESSSSS(And all those other beautiful words from the dirty vocabulary)!!!

Yes, we are talking about morning sex. What’s sexier, dirtier and naughtier than your beloved morning sex (BDSM I guess)? More intense than your regular sex and more refreshing than your cup of coffee, the morning mumble and rumble will be the most exciting way to start your day.

Here’s why you should indulge in morning sex too often…

Because You’re Ready to Pound on Your Sexual Desires
Mornings will be your best time to have sex because you will be all time ready to fulfill your dirty sexual fantasies after that long night sleep and the higher testosterone level will ensure that you will last longer and the longer you last, more boosted will be your partner’s libido (There’s also a study over it).

It’s Your Stress Buster
Pleasurable activities have always been known to release the stress and if we are talking about seeking pleasure and releasing the stressor, then what’s better than sex in those beautiful and sexy mornings.

“Naughtier the beginnings, Happier Are the Endings”


Releases Endorphins and is Good for Your Brain Game
The sexual act produces the pain-relieving endorphins which not only ease your way to orgasm but also boost your mood. So, you can put your hand on your part (Either V or D) and proudly say that climaxing during mornings is way better, healthier, needier and naughtier which wholeheartedly makes you happier.

It’s a Sea of Sensuousness
The pleasing sensations not only release the endorphins but the feel-good hormone dopamine and oxytocin that control your love and bonding. Hence, you feel more aroused and sensitive which leads to an intense game of the sinful love filled with the most desirous emotions. So, try not end up eating each other.

Experimenting Is Always Appreciated!
The following sexual act of pleasure not only produces intensity but also gives you ways to experiment alongside. Feeling groggy? No need to get up and try those ever hard motions because the spooning, doggy, and missionary are always there to rescue.

It also works when you’re getting late because then you can always finish the act under showers, and it will turn holy (You don’t even have to wash much). And there’s always room for a quickie.

You can eat the breakfast of each other first and then can go under showers. In a way, you have lots of options to apply and indulge in the art of Morning sex.

Some More Healthy Undertakings
It boosts your immune system.
Works as a Workout
Makes you look younger
Gets you Charged
Improves the quality of your hair, nails, and skin and also lessens the risk of heart attack.
And is something to boast about (*Winks).

So, how was your morning? Groggy or Grinding!!! I hope you reached VALHALLA.

Note: Please make sure that you don’t forget to take the necessary essentials (The word is CONDOM).
Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth and drink an apt amount of water (The night before) to get rid of that ruining the moment bad breath…

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