Why You Need Period Sex?

There have been a lot of Instances where you have heard about people -getting grossly demotivated by period sex. It has developed quite a negative publicity around though it’s nothing like that. Most of them think that it’s messy, filled with disgust and bloody (The last part is true though).

There is lots of blood involved, but you can make it downright happening if you try to think it through. So, let’s find out why period sex can be an ultimate turn on…

Because You Need To Get Over Your Horniness
Period sex can bring in the intense pleasure because during your cycle the genitalia gets a bit swollen and also making you sensitive to touch. It helps in boosting your libido and in turn boosting your desires and making you hornier. So, for a time being forget about the messiness and have sex to live wonders in the world of horniness.

“Because It’s Bloody Intense!”

A Path to Stronger Orgasms
The bloody periods not only bring in the blood but the increased blood flow brings in more sensations. It also enhances the sensitivity of the uterus which not only makes you enjoy sex but when you orgasm, the sensations are like never felt before. So, if you try period sex, then bring in some more foreplay releasing more endorphins. The returns will bring in the sexier, stronger and long-lasting orgasms.

What About Lubrication? No Need!
One thing is for sure that you don’t require while having sex during your periods (You know what I mean ;)). We will not discuss it further and let just say that blood will work wonders. But again, a bit of foreplay can be essential (Wetter the better).

Feeling Cramped? Let the Endorphins take over
Periods can bring in loads of pain in the form of cramps and it can get a lot worse, but at the same time having sex during your periods can bring in relief to your daunting pain. While climaxing, endorphins like oxytocin and dopamine are released giving you more pleasure and taking care of your pain naturally.

Pain and Periods Will Be Lighter…
Period sex work as a boon because the enhanced sensitivity and orgasms make the uterus contracts more and helping in expelling more (blood tissues). It also helps in shorten down your cycle and giving you a lighter burden.So, it’s time to forget about the messiness involve and get down (Don’t really get down) to the real business.

Note: The blood involve doesn’t act as your condom. So, wear one to help yourself against the STDs and the unwanted pregnancies…

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